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  • Discover our unique product selection for dogs.
  • Spoil your favourite pet with our products for cats.
  • Make them nibble with our food and treats for rodents.
  • Let yourself be tempted by our feeders, houses, baths and food for birds.


Sales Policy

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday, 8h30 am to 11h30 am, and 12h30 pm to 4 pm.
Outside these hours, you can leave your message on the answering machine, send a document by fax or send it by e-mail.

Order day:

The orders must be received within 2 days (working days) before the delivery day. Without exception, the orders received after the order day (see shipping schedule) will automatically be sent the following week.

Delivery Fees:

A minimum of $400 purchase is required for free shipping. For all orders that do not attain this amount, shipping fees will be added. These terms may differ for the people in more remote areas and for those who are not part of our usual route.

Shipping Days:

Verify the shipping schedule.

Direct Pick-up at our Office Store:

It is always possible to pick-up an order directly at our establishment. We must have received your order 24 hours before the pick-up. The call for orders must be done during business hours previously mentioned above.

Payment Conditions:

Once the opening of your account is completed and accepted, a discount of 1% will be granted applicable to all clients who acquit their invoice upon reception of their order. (Payment on Delivery)
Each first order must be paid on delivery. These terms may differ for the people in more remote areas and for those who are not part of our usual route.
In other case, all invoices must be paid within 15 days following the delivery date of the order (15 days net).
There will be no delivery made if your previous invoice is not acquitted.
An additional fee of $20 will be applied to checks with non sufficient funds (NSF). Subsequently, all invoices will have to be paid cash upon delivery of the order.

Back Order Policy (B.O.):

If, in any case, one or more articles of your order are out of stock, we keep note of it in our order files 30 days. The sales assistant will contact you as soon as the articles are available.

Return of Merchandise Policy:

The driver cannot accept a return of merchandise, unless he has previously received an authorization from Grenier Inc. All non-defective products returned will be subjected to a 15% fee, due to inventory update. These returns are also at Grenier ís discretion. All articles must be returned in its original packaging, clean and in good condition for resale.

return policy

All returned merchandise must first be pre-authorized by Grenier. You may communicate with the person in our Customer service department to receive your authorization. A copy of the original invoice must be accompanied with each return, and a brief explanation of the defective or guaranteed products. You have a minimum of 10 days after reception of product to advise us of the defective product.

Return of non-defective product

All non-defective products returned will be subjected to a 15% fee, due to inventory update. These returns are at Grenierís discretion. The product must be returned in its original packaging, clean, not labeled and in good condition for resale or the product will not be credited and be returned to retailer.

Return of guaranteed merchandise

The decision to credit or to replace an article will be made as soon as the guarantee is validated and that we have examined the product in question. A copy of the original invoice, with the reference to the consumer and a brief explanation of the reason why you are returning the merchandise must accompany any return.

Return of damaged merchandise

At the reception of your order, verify your merchandise and if you received pierced bags, do not accept them. We allow 10 days after the date of reception of your order to take back your goods as long as they are in proper condition for resale. There will be no fee for this type of return. (Ex.: Insects or mould)
In order to eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding due to your order, you may also send your order by fax or e-mail. For the phone orders, it is imperative to have the sales person repeat your order. Phone order hours: 8h30 to 11h30 and 12h30 to 16h00.
Holistic Blend Return Polices: Retailer 100% refund only with completed Return Authorization Form. No credit without this form. No credit if this form is incomplete. No exchanges or refunds on expired products.

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